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Crystal goblets for table and tasting

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Crystal White Wine Glass Sangiovese

Elevate your wine game with La Grotta del Cristallo’s hand-engraved crystal glasses. Perfect for sipping white wine with style and sophistication.

Price €31.15
  • New

Champagne cup crystal - Fern

Check out the Fern Model Champagne cup by La Grotta del cristallo - a masterpiece of Italian craftsmanship, hand-cut with unique shiny decorations.

Price €49.18
  • New

Champagne cup crystal Lance

Dive into the charm of the Hand-Cut Crystal Champagne Cup - Lance & Dots Model. A masterpiece that lights up every toast.

Price €49.18
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Crystal red wine glass Onde

Elevate your wine game with Cristalleria La Grotta del Cristallo crystal glasses for Brunello & Barolo. Pure class in every sip.

Price €34.43
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calici cristallo

Crystal goblets

Undoubtedly, the true charm of a well set up and tastefully prepared table also derives from the right choice of crystal glasses. We cannot ignore it and do without it. Crystal goblets are a real duty that the landlord must always take care of down to the smallest detail. The choice of shape, consistency in terms of weight and manufacture, denote the style you want to offer and give to your guests. Talking about the weight of the glasses is very important. Water, wine, flute, liqueur and champagne glasses have a charm that none of us can do without if we want to make a great impression on the guests.
The glasses are basically divided into two distinct categories:
Goblets with stems, ground legs and facets meticulously handcrafted with a thickness that makes them feel heavy during use. These fall into the classic type, always very popular in the case of high-level dinners or lunches. It is no coincidence that their shapes are very reminiscent of the historical goblets of a few centuries ago when in addition to glass, gold goblets enriched with precious stones were used. The sumptuousness of the glass has always been a sign of great importance and respect for guests.
The second type of crystal goblet is the one where the parison (belly of the goblet) is thin enough to reach in some cases very thin thickness making them compare to a veil of onion. In these types of chalice you will always find a fairly thin cylindrical stem. The thickness of the latter can be from 6-7 mm up to 3 mm. In other words, as thin as spaghetti. These types of glasses are much appreciated by sommeliers who basically prefer thin thicknesses and ultralight glasses. The contact of the wine must be the bare minimum in order not to alter the organoleptic characteristics of the wine itself due to the contact of the hand. The temperature of the wine must never be changed in order to be able to appreciate all its characteristics.

Crystal goblets. Vintage or modern style with elegance at the table.

The art of the table is possible thanks to approxcrystal lices that can amaze relatives, friends with a truly unmistakable style: yours. To make the table refined and elegant use canchovies in crystal of the Bandinelli maison. Real unique pieces with an inestimable brilliance will embellish your mise en place in an incomparable way. Every occasion is the right one to impress the guests.
Let's make a very precise distinction for a moment to define well which imprinting you want to give to your mise en place.

  • You are a lover of vintage style of crystal goblets
  • Ok great choice and above all great taste. The vintage or retro style crystal goblets are crystal goblets that can be given without a doubt the term timeless. They are present in the best mise en place in the world where elegance and luxury are of fundamental importance. Gala lunches and dinners among heads of state or governments, Michelin-starred restaurants, luxury villas and yacht catering services as well as top-notch weddings use these types of crystal glasses. It certainly takes an excellent basis of good etiquette to know how and where to place each individual glass. There are provisions and rules that you cannot compromise. The right arrangement, extreme cleanliness until reaching the maximum shine and brilliance. This is what you have to aim for. Leaving the bar at the highest point to put your guests and diners at ease for an unforgettable enjoyment of that event. There remains one last attention to which you must pay utmost attention: never put chipped or ruined crystal goblets on the table.
    A fundamental you must never find yourself in. Maybe if you notice this defect a few days in advance, don't hesitate to contact us for restore the edge of the crystal goblets thanks to our customer service and anyone who needs it. Whatever your model or shape.
    The crystal goblets of the Bandinelli maison all have the characteristics previously described. The heaviness of the glasses depends on the purity of the crystal at 24% of lead of which our products are made. The stem may have hexagonal, octagonal, square, oval shapes. The hand ground and engraved parison is the real highlight. Soft grinds with a tense and decisive character cross a series of crossings and connections of lines with repeated geometries over 360 degrees where the extrusion of the cone amplifies the brightness and iridescence of the crystal with great beauty. Not just grinding, engraving and grinding on crystal. One of the real strengths of the Bandinelli maison are the pure gold decorations of the border and heraldic crests. A real added value if your intention is to amaze your guests with crystal glasses of absolute value and beauty.
    We have always believed, since the Bandinelli maison was founded in 1963, that goblets with worked and very heavy stems were the best we could ever aspire to. We have always produced this type of glasses and today with great pride we can communicate to you and make you understand that you will find expert craftsmen who with their artifacts will be able to satisfy whatever your idea of giving or giving you crystal glasses where transparency and beauty are a perfect combination. Style and tradition are not things that are invented overnight. They are built with many sacrifices and with a lot of devotion. The results, however, fully repay us with the appreciation of our long-standing customers who over the years have also become precious friends where mutual respect is the true value we care so much about.
  • You are a lover of modern style of crystal goblets
  • Great. Also for this type of glasses we have a beautiful and wide collection of the Bandinelli maison that you just cannot give up. THE designer crystal goblets they have a modern style and very often aimed at an essential character. Particular shape of the foot that may not necessarily be only round. The square, hexagonal, octagonal, oval shape has also been revisited in the products of the Bandinelli maison.
    The belly of the glass, as previously written called parison in technical jargon, is very often smooth, of a transparent neutral color. This is to accommodate the modern lines of the environments in which they are used. In contexts such as lunches or dinners they are also used very often for tastings of important wines where the lion's share is undoubtedly the red wines. Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino, Nobile di Montepulciano, Sassicaia, Barolo, Napa Valley wines and French wines are undoubtedly the most renowned in the world. The production goblets signed by Bandinelli have the right peculiarities and technical characteristics to be used with great beauty and taste. on all tables in the world.
    Not a day goes by in which new designs of crystal goblets are not studied in the Bandinelli laboratory. Especially as regards the decorations. in fact, we believe that the crystal goblet does not necessarily have to be just and only smooth. We have opened a new chapter thanks to sensory tastings that combine the essential combination of taste that wine offers with the aspect of sight and touch. It may seem like a philosophical story to you but we guarantee that behind each of our designs there is and always will be a reason that comes from deep inspirations. Taking a cue from nature, our grindings and engravings have evolved over time thanks to the wonderful insights of Giuliano and Luciano Bandinelli . Never with our hands but always with the fixed idea of giving emotions with crystal glasses during a lunch, dinner or tasting.
    Having the opportunity to feel the grindings and incisions that are transformed into material elements such as the wisps of grapes or the leaves of the vine. Just to give a modern style we have stylized the pàmpano of the vine with simpler, stylized leaves that have always captured the hearts of our customers. Tasting an excellent red and white wine in the crystal glasses of the Bandinelli maison has become for many of our customers a real must have that they do not know and can no longer give up. Some innovations such as the glasses with the side notch to break the wine, are elements that cannot be given up once you have tried them.

Crystal glasses red wine, white wine, rosé wine

Are you a fan of red wine, white wine and rosé wine? What we can offer you is a large selection of crystal goblets to be able to meet your needs. We are in fact specialized in the artisanal production of engraved and ground glasses completely by hand. Our strength for decades has been customization. Visiting our site you will surely find something new, unusual as all the crystal glasses are mostly smooth without any decoration.
Choosing our crystal glasses means giving a well-defined imprinting to your table to differentiate yourself from all the others.
If you look closely at our processes (strictly manual and not sandblasted or lasered) you will understand for yourself the real added value that you will find in our products.
As with all beautiful things, our crystal goblets can also be an element that will allow you to make a beautiful impression with your guests and closest friends. Using it will make the atmosphere of your dinner or lunch an indelible memory for everyone.

Crystal tasting glasses

Wine tasting is a true art and passion. If your ability to recognize all the secrets that an excellent wine contains and your nose is the means by which you can better appreciate the aromas, remember that even the sight of color is a fundamental element.
This is to make you understand that in addition to the sense of smell thanks to ours goblets crystal from tasting you will have the opportunity to have another very important sensory aspect, namely that of sight.The decorations in fact very often remind of bunches of grapes or the fruit that gives life to wine.
With much surprise you will realize that the cut designs on the crystal will reflect on the red color of the wine contained in the glass.
How is this possible? It is possible because thanks to the pure transparency of our crystal the light passes and the wine acts as a mirror. It is incredible but with our glasses it is possible. In addition, with your fingers touching our grindings and engravings you will notice the depth of cut. Yes, you got it right. Cutting depth although as fine and delicate as the thickness of a crystal goblet is, we can still work it.
You will find the most suitable line of glasses according to your needs based on the wine you like the most, such as: Brunello di Montalcino, Chianti classico, Nobile di Montepulciano, Barolo, or international wines such as the American ones from Napa Valley.

Crystal goblets for romantic dinner

Romantic dinner at your home? Opportunities must be seized on the fly. Always.
Everything must be perfect for that evening. You can't overlook anything. Especially in the details and table accessories.
Do you start with a prosecco? Perfect served chilled in our crystal prosecco glasses. You will combine delicate and sparkling flavor with a breathtaking glass that will start the evening well. Being able to make a perfect mise en place is a true art. If you use our crystal glasses you will see what a surprise you will create with your him or her. Every detail in the right place. The choice of wine is essential to combine with the dishes you will serve. Likewise, the choice of the right glass for the chosen wine is fundamental. Our tips are available to you on our blog.
At the end of the dinner is it a real must to open an excellent bottle of sparkling wine or champagne?
Which is the favorite of your him or her? We advise you to try to understand it before dinner and then choose the most appropriate crystal glass for sparkling wine. If you already know that he prefers champagne, no doubt choose from our collection of crystal champagne glasses. You will create pure emotion.

Prosecco crystal glasses

Prosecchino? How many times have you heard this expression. For aperitifs in company with friends, rely on the selection of products that you will find in the section crystal goblets prosecco to obtain a bright and elegant table. We have a beautiful selection with crystal decorations that are reminiscent of bubbles. A very delicate and captivating perlage effect. Creating a magic in the glass thanks to the superimposition of the natural bubbles of Prosecco with our grinding with bubble shapes. A mix that has always been

Crystal goblets restaurant, lounge bar, wine bar

Are you the manager of a restaurant, lounge bar, or wine bar and you are looking for Crystal goblets to make your restaurant even more attractive and desired by your customers? Sometimes in life making choices that aim for beauty and high quality can be a stepping stone to get your business off the ground and make it a real must have for many people. We are sure that we will give you the opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competition that will always use the usual glass glasses seen, revised and again revised. In your club no. The story will be another thanks to a wide range of crystal glasses that you can use every time according to the choice of drinks of your customers.

Crystal goblet reviews

"Excellent service". Better than anyone you know that reviews and feedback on major international networks such as Tripadvisor, Google place, Booking, Thefork, Gambero Rosso, Michelin Guide, Trustpilot and many others have become indispensable to create business volume especially when you reach five stars. To achieve these prestigious results you must offer a perfect service but remember that how to receive is also an aspect that you must take care of by paying attention to the smallest details. A table full of handmade crystal goblets, particular and unique in their kind, will facilitate you to differentiate yourself. For this reason we will be happy to satisfy your needs to grow your brand and mood.

Use the crystal goblets. What are the advantages?

The real and great opportunity that you will find using our high-end products will give you their own way of finding the right answers to your needs. Seeing their satisfied and enthusiastic customers come out is a source of pride for every restaurateur. The real satisfaction for you will be that they will then come back with new friends and relatives, increasing your visibility with appreciation from all. At that point, having reached your goal, we will be happy to be able to implement new designs, models for you and with you, to test together new frontiers related both to tasting in a technical sense and in the most important aspect, namely the aesthetic one. This aspect of parallel growth together with your business will be a source of new inspiration for us in creating new models to propose to you by testing them together to innovate your offer step by step. The synergies where skills come together are always a source of optimization and growth for each activity. Choose ours Crystal goblets and you will not regret it.

Crystal goblets for setting outdoors

Are you lucky enough to set the table outdoors on your attic, terrace of your house by the sea or in the countryside?
Our Goblets crystal with sunlight they are enhanced even more. In fact, the color temperature of the sun is absolutely the best to enhance the reflections, brilliance and colors of the iris that only crystal can give. You will be able to get the attention of your guests who will appreciate you even more for the beautiful day that you will give them thanks to the view of an elegant dining table in every aspect.
The mise en place is the photograph of your personality and your touch of class in knowing how to best set up the table.
Doing it very often is not easy but with our advice and glasses crystal studied in detail to be used in various situations you will surely find the right alchemy to achieve your best result.

Set up the table with crystal goblets

If you set up your table with a sea view, your first thought also goes to aquamarine glasses. The context is so inspiring that the combination can work without any problem. Of course you can also alternate with other colors but at the base we suggest the neutral color that is enhanced more precisely with sunlight, giving magic with its beautiful reflections from the work done by hand.

To drink well, to live better always remember it.

Crystal goblets for sale online

Look, compare, compare and then make the choice according to your taste by buying crystal glasses online on our website. You will have the opportunity to contact us directly for any advice or information you may need. In our blog you will find dozens of suggestions to enrich your table for a perfect mise en place.

Quality of a crystal goblet

Choosing a quality crystal glass means being able to use it on the most important occasions. The brilliance, luminosity, transparency will remain unchanged over time if you pay particular attention but especially if you have the consistency to wash them by hand. This aspect is very important and will really extend the life of your crystal glasses.

Crystal goblet broken or damaged by guests?

It often happens in the most beautiful and heartfelt occasions with relatives and friends to suffer accidental damage or breakage. In fact, on certain occasions we are inclined to put out the "Grandma's Beautiful Service" and promptly what we never want happens. Especially for mid-August lunch, Christmas but above all New Year's we receive the peak of requests. It also happens to others. You are not the only one. Do not worry. We can help you for many types of damage.
We have our fast service for the reconstruction and / or repair of yours crystal goblets. We receive requests from all over Italy and beyond for this type of service. You need support ? Contact us via e-mail or Whatsapp at this number: 0039 348 3128064. We will be happy to listen to you and try to help you. You can write to us at any time or call us. Our channels are always open.
We can repair crystal and glass goblets of all types and brands such as: Baccarat, Lalique, Svarowsky, Saint Luis, Vail Saint Lambert, Venini, Waterford, Richard Ginori, Vilca, Calp, Rcr, Da Vinci, Colle cristallerie, Rogaska and many others .