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Crystal whiskey glass Giulio

Giulio crystal whiskey glass. Cylindrical in shape with a heavy base, grinds with deep and fine lines towards the edge

We offer you this crystal whiskey glass with a cylindrical shape finely handcrafted at the Bandinelli crystal shop. With a classic style of shape we have tried to give a modern motif and character to the look of this whiskey glass by grinding with high depth near the base. As the lines move towards the edge they get thinner and thinner. As per our standard we have avoided going all the way to the edge with the fine lines to avoid having the roughness of the lines on your lips. This will allow you to drink your favorite whiskey while savoring all the goodness.

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Crystal whiskey glass...

Whiskey glass Manhattan in crystal

An elegant and refined design for the whiskey glass Manhattan in crystal. Essential, modern lines with a unique design of its kind. There are many different shapes of whiskey glass. We offer you this beautiful model that is the result of the artisan creativity of Bandinelli crystalware - glassware. Innovation and design applied to crystal to accompany your well-deserved moments of relaxation with your favorite scotch whiskey

Ergonomic square shape for your whiskey glass

A beautiful, calibrated and balanced handle with a square shape and great consistency due to the nobility of the material. A pure crystal where transparency enhances the purity and color of the whiskey in an impeccable way.

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Crystal glasses

Discover a vast collection of the Bandinelli maison for every occasion where crystal glasses of the highest quality are indispensable.

Crystal glasses. Vintage or modern style. Elegance at the table

The decoration of the table is art and passion: There are many table accessories in crystal but the pieces that stand out most are undoubtedly i glasses crystal. Impress guests, relatives, friends with a truly unmistakable style: yours. To make the table refined and elegant use crystal glasses from our collection. Real unique pieces with an inestimable brilliance will make your mise en place really beautiful and flawless. Every occasion is the right one. Do not miss the opportunity to surprise your guests thanks to your taste in the right choice of fine crystal glasses. On the base of each glass you will find the unmistakable logo of the Bandinelli maison. The refinement of the signature that certifies an absolute quality can be found by observing with satisfaction your table so rich and elegant.
Which style do you prefer?

  • The vintage style of crystal glasses it has an incredible charm. This style has been left in the background for many years by many people, as well as by restaurants and lounge bars, preferring distinctly more modern models. The Bandinelli maison has always continued in the production of this style, firmly believing that tradition has a charm that no one can ever give up. Today with satisfaction, after having found this progressive return from many customers looking for these models, we can give you the certainty that in our laboratory every day we work with great energy and passion to design, and create models with a typically vintage style. back. We have jealously preserved the wheels and all the equipment to be able to produce the models that have semi-glossy engravings, a fine opaque diamond commonly called Venetian. This is a style that started the Bandinelli maison and clearly we are very fond of it. Seeing him return to the table is a real source of pride for us. This is why we undoubtedly want to share it with you to give you the opportunity to use them with great taste and beauty for your guests.
  • The modern style for crystal glasses it is undoubtedly very important for environments with a strong contemporary focus. Suitable for the most beautiful tables in the world where the light and essential style of the mise en place plays a fundamental role to be integrated in environments with neutral and decisive colors typical of the design most wanted. For many years the Bandinelli maison has specialized with studies, tests and models that have then become real must-haves of modern crystal glasses. The search for form in design par excellence is the most important element. Starting from the concepts previously expressed for vintage crystal glasses, we use classic shapes to transform them into revolutionary models both for profiles and symmetries. Imagination and tenacity, as well as strong design skills, have led the Bandinelli maison to be recognized in the world as one of the companies that in silence and great manufacturing capacity has given life to unique and easily recognizable modern glass models for their beauty.

Set up the table for lunch with crystal glasses

The mise en place is the photograph of your personality and your touch of class in knowing how to best set up the table. Doing it very often is not easy but with our advice and glasses crystal studied in detail to be used in various situations you will surely find the right alchemy to achieve your best result. Perfection must be your main focus if you want to impress guests. Take your time, do not rush into the preparations. Concentrate to the best of your ability to devote all your attention to how to position the tablecloth, enhancing the manufacture of the fabric and the color. Then move on to the center table, plates, cutlery, napkins. For the cutlery double attention. Here you just can't make mistakes. For many people this is crucial to feel comfortable. We advise you to read the operating guides and tips of many bloggers and experts in order not to run into unpleasant mistakes. Now place the crystal glasses. For water use the largest glass, for wine the medium-sized glass, for sparkling wine you could opt for beautiful flute glasses and for champagne wonderful glasses. If you choose a decorative pattern of the glasses we clearly suggest that you use them all with the same drawing line. Many people really like to put different and maybe colored glasses. This maybe can be accepted for an informal and perhaps a little improvised table. Not doing this at all when you have attentive and very refined guests would be an unforgivable mistake.

Crystal glasses for a romantic dinner

You are in sight of one romantic dinner and you are thinking of crystal glasses? You just can't do without it. On certain occasions you cannot do magic in the kitchen, take care of all the details and then neglect the beauty of the crystal table accessories. The decoration of the table has very specific rules. You can't not follow them. Receiving your girlfriend or boyfriend is definitely an exciting time. Precisely for this reason you cannot go wrong. The choice of crystal glasses is as important as choosing an excellent menu or an excellent wine. With the crystal glasses of the Bandinelli maison you will have the opportunity to choose a completely made in Italy product with an incomparable beauty due to the absolute authenticity of our models. Always remember the water glass, the wine glass and the glass for sparkling wine and / or champagne. The magic of our hand-made workmanship will help you to obtain a bright, elegant and truly engaging table for your evening that will become unforgettable.

Crystal glasses. How to set up outdoors?

Are you lucky enough to set the table outdoors on your attic, terrace of your house by the sea or in the countryside?
Our crystal glasses with sunlight are even more exalted. In fact, the color temperature of the sun is absolutely the best to release the reflections, brilliance and colors of the iris that only crystal can give thanks to the purity of the crystal. You will be able to get the attention of your guests who will appreciate you even more for the beautiful table so well set up.

Glasses for the beach house in crystal

In the event that you set the table with a sea view, the first thought goes to gods aquamarine glasses. The context is so inspiring that the combination can work without any problem. Of course you can also alternate with other colors but at the base we suggest the neutral color that is enhanced more precisely with sunlight, giving magic with its beautiful reflections from the work done by hand. The grinding and engraving, thanks to their depth of cut, in fact allow to create straight lines, crossings, arches, which with geometries repeated at 360 degrees trigger wonderful plays of light unthinkable for glasses made of other materials such as ceramic or plastic. Do not be enchanted by those who propose synthetic crystal glasses. The effect of the latter has no terms of comparison with hand-crafted crystal glasses. Always remember that by hand washing your crystal glasses their life will be practically eternal. The same cannot be said of plastic glasses, even if they are called in synthetic crystal. The latter after a few washes will be scratched and dull. It will be impossible to polish them and you will clearly contribute to environmental pollution due to the necessary disposal. The crystal glasses guarantee you an absolute quality that will be recognized by all your guests. The Bandinelli maison has always been attentive and far-sighted for the environmental issues we care a lot about. To drink well, to live better always remember it.

Crystal glasses for restaurants, lounge bars, wine bars

Are you the manager of a restaurant, lounge bar,or wine bar and you are looking for crystal glasses to make your restaurant even more attractive and desired by your customers? Sometimes in life making choices that aim for beauty and high quality can be a stepping stone to get your business off the ground and make it a real must have for many people.
We are sure that we will give you the opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competition that will always use the usual glass glasses seen, revised and again revised.

Crystal glasses for lounge bars

Thanks to a wide range of crystal glasses that you can use every time according to the choice of drinks of your customers.
"Excellent service". Better than anyone else you will know that reviews on major international networks such as Tripadvisor, Google place, Booking, Thefork, Gambero Rosso, Michelin Guide, Trustpilot and many others have become indispensable to create volume of business especially when you reach five stars. The real and great opportunity that you will find using our high-end products will give you their own way of finding the right answers to your needs.
Seeing their satisfied and enthusiastic customers come out is a source of pride for every restaurateur. The real satisfaction for you will be that they will then come back with new friends and relatives, increasing your visibility with appreciation from all. At that point, having reached your goal, we will be happy to be able to implement new ones for you and with you designer crystal glasses, models and test together new frontiers linked both to tasting in a technical sense and in the most important aspect, namely the aesthetic one.

Crystal glasses design

This aspect of growth parallel to your business will be a source of new inspiration for us in creating new models to propose to you by testing them together to innovate your offer step by step. The synergies where skills come together are always a source of optimization and growth for each activity. You can rely on real experts to make your project of exclusive glasses for your restaurant, bar or private villa take shape.

Exclusive design of the crystal glasses

The crystal glasses of the Bandinelli maison collection are all designed from the imagination that is born within our laboratory. You will find a wide selection of designs and engravings that can be used whether your taste is vintage or modern. Our lines are designed to satisfy the most refined needs and therefore satisfy your every need. Design is not a problem for us. Rather. It is an incentive to find innovative solutions where geometries do not necessarily have to be conventional. Very often, taking inspiration from nature or from revisited and modified objects, exclusive designs of crystal glasses are born.

The quality of a crystal glass

Choosing a crystal glass means giving real importance to yours mise en place to make the most peaceful moments together with relatives and friends unforgettable. The unequivocal difference with a glass it is an essential fact. Perfection and crystal glass purity has no equal for those who want to receive their guests in an impeccable way. In the same way, never be convinced by glasses that have identical shapes and designs but unfortunately in polycarbonate or worse still in plastic. the latter after a few uses and consequently a few washes will lose their brilliance, scratching themselves to remain opaque for life. For us, beauty is quite another thing. The tradition of crystal professionals since 1963 is and will be for you the real added value for your choice as well as the guarantee that we can always give you for our products.

Crystal glass broken or damaged by guests?

It often happens in the most beautiful and heartfelt occasions with relatives and friends to suffer accidental damage or breakage. In fact, on certain occasions we are inclined to put out the "Grandma's beautiful service" and what we never want happens on time. Especially for mid-August lunch, Christmas but above all New Year's we receive the peak of requests. It also happens to others. You are not the only one. Do not worry. We can help you for many types of breaking glasses and crystal goblets.
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We have our fast service for the reconstruction and / or repair of yours glasses lead crystal and glass. We receive requests from all over Italy and beyond for this type of service. You need support? Contact us via e-mail or Whatsapp at this number: 0039 348 3128064. We will be happy to listen to you and try to help you. You can write to us at any time or call us. Our channels are always open.
We can repair crystal and glass glasses of all types and brands such as: Baccarat, Lalique, Svarowsky, Saint Luis, Vail Saint Lambert, Venini, Waterford, Richard Ginori, Vilca, Calp, Rcr, Da Vinci, Arnolfo di Cambio, Duccio di Segna , Costa Boda, Rogaska and many others.