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Crystal table centerpiece

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Crystal centerpiece Flexy

Red and amber crystal centerpiece . A colored crystal sculpture in the center of your table. This completely handmade centerpiece is the synthesis of the refinement of Bandinelli branded products

Measures: Lenght 510 mm, Depth 245 mm, Height 120 mm

Price €1,311.48

Elegance Crystal Centerpiece

Peep the Elegance, a crystal centerpiece that's all 'bout masterful ribbed grinding shinin' bright with that 24% crystal glow. Perfect for any vibe, from old-school cool to sleek modern looks, it's the masterpiece your spot's been missing.

Price €778.69
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Crystal centerpiece: table etiquette

Table etiquette can be well respected if you use the crystal centerpiece as a decorative element in the center of the scene. The table, well cared for in every detail is an essential element to which you must devote the utmost attention.

Coordinated centerpiece with crystal goblets, accessories

The coordination of the crystal centerpiece must be well balanced with the other accessories. Goblets, crystal glasses that you will use to serve lunch or dinner must have the same decoration in order to make the scenography that will be created for your mise en place homogeneous. First of all they must be well selected with the rest of the elements present, to ensure that the overall harmony creates a magical atmosphere where the beauty, elegance and brilliance of the crystal will capture the attention of your welcome guests. Imagine a complete set with the same decorative elements on all objects. For example, if the goblets, glasses, bottles and other accessories have a decoration representing fern leaves, the centerpiece can also have the same manufacture. In fact, the glassware with Bandinelli brand products stand out precisely to give you the possibility of building a truly complete set where the aesthetic texture is a single well-defined and perfectly coordinated one.

Crystal centerpiece with foot. Crystal stand

We must avoid that the height of the centerpiece or rather raised in crystal does not affect the view between the guests and their conversations. So the right choice of the dimensions of the crystal centerpiece is fundamental and you will have to optimize it according to the size of your dining or dinner table. If the dimensions of the table allow you to use two or more centerpieces you will find in the collection of the Grotta del Cristallo branded Bandinelli the best in terms of quality and manufacturing all the combinations you need.

Crystal flowers and centerpiece

Crystal and flowers are an essential combination for a table set in an elegant and exclusive way to create an effect that is harmonious thanks to the colors present in addition to the perfume. However, we recommend that you do not load the crystal centerpiece too much so as not to make it too heavy which could tire your diners in the long run.
In recent years also the presence of some types of vegetables which with their colors and scents can help to give a harmony of relaxation and pleasure to your guests.

Crystal candles and centerpiece

Providing a warmer atmosphere for an evening event can be achieved with the help of candles. Whether you use a crystal riser , a table center piece or a windbreak for candles , we always recommend that you do it in a coordinated way with the decorative motifs that you will find in all the models in our collection. Beauty and elegance will be absolutely appreciated by your guests.