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Cristalware La Grotta del Cristallo

Transparency is surprising ...

The wonder of crystal is materialized with a wide choice of products made entirely by hand.

Each object in Crystal Our production is totally made of short chain: made in Italy.

An ancient craft that has very deep roots in the culture, the tradition that has evolved over time exalting every form and creativity typical of manual skills gained from experience handed down from two generations now. Every day, our focus is concentrated on the search for quality by reserving for each object in the Crystal extreme attention to detail. Only then can we ensure a quality standard of high features to meet the needs of our most sophisticated customers.

Ensure the "zero defects" is for us the incentive to do well and improve. The right mix of experience and knowledge available to our partners is our source of goals that we want to improve every day to make quality standards ever higher.
Grinding where refined elegance and transparency give real emotion. Imagine your environment coordinated with pure crystal objects completely handmade is the most natural way to activate the taste of each. Sensorial effect has a very important function on quality of life.

Brightness, sound, transparency. Three characteristics that distinguish uniquely crystal.

Workshop - Grinding crystal by hand


This image gives emotion. A precise moment of a life of passion respecting the tradition. The time of grinding. The frame freezes the moment in which each movement creates a wonderful sign, carved, ground and engraved with great skill. This tray will be a single piece with a stretch somatic defined. Indelible over time and indelible. The crystal will be grinding with this unique and unrepeatable. Like a painting the wonderful transparent material is real art where the skill lies in the value it best with realistic representations, geometric or abstract soft and intense. An interpolation of coordinated movements and precise where the hands move on command unconscious of 'soul which in turn is driven by the accuracy of the eyes. All this, however, could not function if the heart does not give and should provoke emotion. Line after line, leaf after leaf, crossing after crossing the drawing materializes under the eyes. Very often incredulous also the same craftsman. Passion, tradition, emotion. In these three words it contains a history of work where teachers scholars have devoted their soul to improve and improve with wonderful products. Very often not in the catalog. Just going back to the roots because they are unique and unrepeatable.