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Crystal Earrings for any outfit

Earring Crystal

Do you want to wear something special?

Our collection of earrings in crystal presents a lively selection of accessories and style for the modern woman by highlighting the wonderfully transparent or matching colored crystals for all types of clothing and occasion.

No risk for your skin and health!

The collections of earrings clip-on ear with hole consist of two parts. The first is the metal structure. This is plated with rhodium plating method performed in electroplating that allows the use without risk and is suitable for the skin reducing the danger of allergies to zero. Unlike silver for example, do not you ever will present the problem to see the metal part darken as indeed happens in silver.

Crystal earrings with rhodium-plated metal frame. Handcrafted jewelry

What colors can I choose?

The earrings come with colored crystals sparkling like fuchsia, amethyst, green, red, pink, blue, aquamarine, amber or clear transparent embedded in previously described metal.

You wear earrings unique and always stylish

All crystals of our collection earrings are faceted and wonderfully bright thanks to the very effective polishing processes that make them really elegant and easily recognizable by their unique manufacturing.

The beauty of "handmade"

The rhodium metal frames are very small and different bends. This depends on treatment exclusively by hand where it is genuinely impossible to replicate them identically. But this is precisely the beauty of handmade.

How do you feel to dress?

A classic style but at the same time modern, fresh and easy to match with any outfit, occasion and evening that you do not want to forget.

Ceremonies and gallant appointments?

Particularly suitable for ceremonies such as weddings. Your look will acquire a special way addressed to the beauty which will make you feel so happy in the most important day of your life!

4 seasons to wear them

Each season is appropriate to wear. The collection of a hole beautifully crafted earrings can be worn with necklaces and rings, bracelets combined to give prominence to any outfit.