Crystal White Wine Glass Sangiovese

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Crystal  white wine tasting glass Sangiovese

Crystal White Wine Glass Sangiovese

Elevate your wine game with La Grotta del Cristallo’s hand-engraved crystal glasses. Perfect for sipping white wine with style and sophistication.


Crystal Wine Glasses: Up Your Sipping Game

Welcome to the exclusive vibes of La Grotta del Cristallo, where crystal craftsmanship meets wine passion. Our white wine glasses, hand-engraved to perfection, are crafted for those who wanna sip their white wine with a touch of elegance and class.

Sleek and Unique Design

Each glass features four grapes carved into the crystal, a detail that not only beautifies the glass but enhances the tasting experience, bringing out the fruity aromas of white wine. This collection is for the lovers of crisp, fresh, structured white wine with a fruity kick, seeking a unique sensory journey.

Exclusive Benefits

With our glasses, you can serve wine to your guests and friends in the most sophisticated way, turning every sip into an unforgettable moment. The crystal quality and hand-engraving make each glass a piece of art.

Why Choose Our Glasses?

  • Artisan Quality: Each glass is hand-engraved by skilled artisans, ensuring a unique and high-quality product.
  • Elevated Tasting Experience: Designed to enhance the fruity aromas of white wine, making every tasting an unforgettable experience.
  • Class in Every Occasion: Perfect for a fancy dinner or a special occasion, our glasses add a touch of class to your table.

Discover the Collection

Check out our collection of crystal glasses for white wine and see how to elevate your tastings. Each glass is designed for lovers of white wine from Friuli, Veneto, Napa Valley, offering an unmatched tasting experience.

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Data sheet

Height (mm) - (Inch)
160 mm
Weight (Kg) - Pounds (lb)
190 gr
Base diameter
66 mm
Top diameter
60 mm
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