Elegance Crystal Centerpiece

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Elegance Crystal Centerpiece

Peep the Elegance, a crystal centerpiece that's all 'bout masterful ribbed grinding shinin' bright with that 24% crystal glow. Perfect for any vibe, from old-school cool to sleek modern looks, it's the masterpiece your spot's been missing.


Elegance Crystal Centerpiece - A Masterpiece of Brightness and Design

The Elegance crystal centerpiece is the ultimate in beauty and swag, born from some top-tier craftsmanship blending the old with the new. This ain't just any decor piece but a legit art piece that grabs and bounces light, lighting up the spot with unmatched shine.

Product Deets

  • Top Diameter: 400 mm
  • Base Diameter: 145 mm
  • Height: 280 mm
  • Weight: 5,700 Kg
  • Craftsmanship: Ribbed grindings for that extra glow
  • Materials: 24% crystal, 'cause quality and brilliance matter

Materials Used

Made from the good stuff, 24% crystal, the Elegance centerpiece stands out with its extraordinary shine and clarity. Every bit, handcrafted by skilled hands, adds up to create a visual feast of rare beauty, turning it into a decor piece that levels up any space.

Creation Process

The Elegance crystal centerpiece comes to life through a meticulous artisan process. The precision in the ribbed grindings, worked over the whole surface, showcases the skill and passion of the artisans who, with smart moves, create an item of unmatched elegance and quality.

Inspiration and Design

The vibe behind the Elegance centerpiece's design is all about mixing classic and modern in one dope design object. Its symmetrical and sleek geometry, combined with the depth of the cut, makes it perfect for adding a touch of class to both old-school and contemporary spaces. A piece that uplifts the decor of any crib, calling out to those looking for that luxe and refined touch.

Uses and Applications

The Elegance crystal centerpiece fits perfectly in both vintage and modern settings. Ideal for stealing the show in any dining room, living room, or entry hall, where it adds a sense of timeless luxury and beauty.

Maintenance and Care

To keep your Elegance centerpiece looking fly, regular cleaning with a soft, dry cloth is recommended, steering clear of harsh cleaners that could scratch up the crystal's worked surface.

Packaging and Shipping

Each Elegance crystal centerpiece is packed with care to ensure it arrives in mint condition. Pick the shipping option that suits you best and get ready to welcome a masterpiece of design and craftsmanship to your place.

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