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Shipping crystal worldwide

Your box in all countries

We will ship any product directly at your home. In one click!

Shipping crystal worldwide. The express services for the delivery of our products

Care and preparation

Every item in our crystal marked by our logo identification will be prepared with care and dedication from the very moment in which we receive your order. We use suitable packaging for domestic and international shipments. Each product will be enclosed in its original box which in turn will be contained by a box in cardboard double with much larger. This is to enable us to have a good margin of free volume so that you can fill with air bubble paper and polystyrene chips. This packaging will be effective for every type of shipment by protecting them from possible damage due to the long trip.


Every order is fully covered by insurance. This service is made available through our partnership with DHL and the Italian Post. The 'maximum allowable insurable each pack is equivalent to the total value of € 1,550.00. The cost of insurance is calculated automatically by our automated system to your order.

In case of breakages

Only in case of an injury sustained at the time of receipt, the first thing to do is to tell us the problem immediately by e-mail at the following address: customercare@lagrottadelcristallo.com. As soon as possible we will report the problem to our shipping and provide to the resolution of the practice as soon as possible. If one or more products will be damaged evaluate together the times for the new shipment (consistent with the timing of possible production) to resolve as soon as possible the practice.

Marking of the pack.

Each shipment will have an identification code, Truck Id number.

This code is unique and can display real-time from our site, the situation and the progress to facilitate the withdrawal directly to the 'shipping address that you indicated during the order. The tracing is used on every package of any weight and volume.