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Red wine glasses sets


Red wine glasses

collection for any occasion. Stemware & Glassware. Tasting wine with style.

Red wine Glasses for any occasion. Stemware & Glassware. Tasting with style!

One very important thing to taste a great wine is undoubtedly the right choice of the appropriate cup. The collections of red wine glasses of our production are designed in shapes and grinding to express the full potential in terms of pure taste. Not only olfactory sensations but also visual and tactile.

They trigger so new opportunity to taste an excellent red wine with a pleasant feeling, unique in its kind.

Manual processing and mouth-blown crystal focus in red-wine glass, giving them a wonderful siluetthe elegant and refined.

Moving your fingers over the grinding is really enjoyable to perceive the "depth of cut" or the difference in thickness located in the proximity of the bunch of grapes and other decorations.

It's time to break away from the narrow canons to which we have become accustomed to the tasting time. With elegance and simplicity in using the red wine glasses hand cut they will give us a new dimension to your taste. They'll make you feel close to the origins and to the territory from which they come.

Each region, each country has its own specificity in terms of taste and traditions related to wine.

Bouquet, taste, balance are three characteristic aspects of the wine but the cup has its very important to influence these characteristics. Certainly effectively and unusual you will know it by trying the difference.

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