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in crystal handmade. The motif features a band of dots that envelops the entire carafe for its height. The pentagon-shaped stars further enrich, embellishing the artifact in its uniqueness. Particularly suitable for serving water or serving fresh drinks and sangria.

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Accessories table crystal

Crystal table accessories

Start the day well with a rich Italian breakfast and beautiful crystal table accessories

We have a date every morning that we just can't live without. A rich breakfast with all-Italian style. Here with us breakfast is a ritual and even if you are in a hurry five minutes you will always find them. Coffee, cappuccino, a macchiato with some chocolate. Yes, we Italians are like that. We advise you to drink an excellent coffee in precious crystal coffee cups where the transparency of the material will make you stay in contact with your favorite. The crystal coffee cups are ground by hand and the engravings are reminiscent of the coffee bean.
Cappuccino needs a larger cup. Precisely for this reason we have designed for you some beautiful crystal cups for cappuccino with unique and exclusive design grindings. Not only. Crystal containers for honey and jams, juice glasses, sugar bowls, dispensers for muesli and cereals. Each flavor needs a specific container. Depriving it would be a real shame. Our crystal table accessories specially made for your needs are essential to make breakfast pleasant. An important time to relax and unwind and start the day wonderfully.

Accessories for the table in crystal. Serve with elegance and refinement

This has always been our philosophy. The table accessories in crystal are important elements to distinguish yourself with your guests. Every meeting occasion must be special, unique as long as your guests can remember the event with great joy and happiness. A well-set table is synonymous with personality, character and taste for beautiful things. Guests always want to be pampered. The decoration of the table as well as being a duty towards guests is a form of great respect for them and for you who want to make them feel at ease. The first thing that certainly comes to mind are the goblets and glasses but you must never forget elegant crystal table accessories. This noble material, pure and transparent, allows you to set the table with great brightness, highlighting the reflective colors of the cutlery. Enhance the smallest details to highlight the overall of your crystal table accessories with great beauty. To distinguish yourself, use crystal accessories where the essentiality of each set meets practicality of use.

Let's start with order: Crystal place card and napkin holder

Next to beautiful, carefully selected porcelain plates, you will inevitably have a napkin. Very often for this table accessory it unleashes the host's imagination. There are many ways to present it. In fact, it can be folded in a classic way in the shape of a square. Or folded in the shape of a triangle. The most whimsical fold it in the shape of a fan. Definitely a classic and elegant way. The Bandinelli maison advises you to use its elegant crystal napkin holders which can be transparent, neutral or colored. A real gem are the crystal place cards with colored or neutral colored inserts. For example, we have crystal napkin rings with a round shape, square with five-pointed stars of various colors. The latter are particularly suitable for a table where colors are the theme of the mise en place. For example, imagine having to set up the table by the sea in your beautiful house by the sea. The colored inserts of the napkin holders that we recommend are clearly light blue, electric blue and the charming aquamarine color. The combinations for the sea are really rich in different combinations depending on your favorite taste. Expand your choice of crystal table accessories by choosing products of absolute quality by Bandinelli.

They can never be missing: Crystal jugs

You can't make unforgivable mistakes when setting up the table with crystal accessories serving water in plastic bottles. No really no. It is always a good rule to use crystal jugs with a wide handle to allow a firm grip and use the water. The crystal jugs and crystal jugs of the Bandinelli collection are distinguished by their shape, the uniqueness of the grinding decorations and absolute transparency. This is thanks to the purity of our crystal. The crystal jugs or carafes of our production are designed and studied to be combined, thanks to the presence of identical grindings, with glasses and goblets for both water and wine. The sumptuousness of a crystal carafe contributes to enrich the general beauty of the table, giving style and charm to your mise en place. All guests will certainly appreciate your attention to them. Impress them with crystal table accessories with an admirable value design.

Crystal wine decanter

Serving wine is a form of courtesy for guests that you just can't escape. Doing it with a crystal wine decanter has a whole other charm and meaning. It is true, the Bordeaux bottle enhances the quality of the wine thanks to its label that provides all the geographical indications and related information of the precious content. However, the crystal wine decanter allows you to oxygenate perfectly, appreciate its organoleptic characteristics, and leave the impurities (sediment) of your favorite reserve on the bottom. A large exit hole allows the wine to be put in contact with oxygen in order to release an explosion of aromas and perfumes in a short time. This is the true function of the decanter compared to the packaging glass bottle. The elegance and visual sumptuousness of a crystal wine decanter is inimitable for any other type of bottle. This will allow you to have a perfect table, welcoming and appreciated by your guests. We suggest you place at least two crystal wine decanters just to allow guests perhaps a double tasting of the wines that you will offer them. Obviously, pay attention to the right combination of wine with meats and the cooking methods of the latter. It is very important to make the right selection of wines. The table decoration will be much easier for you by using such original crystal table accessories.

Crystal wine bottles matched with goblets and glasses

A correct combination of crystal table accessories means giving importance to all the details and leaving nothing to chance. The crystal wine bottles combined with the goblets and glasses is undoubtedly a great way to have a perfect table. The set of goblets and glasses will be wonderfully completed if you combine crystal wine bottles with stoppers. Same design, same motif. Beauty will spread on the wonderfully laid tablecloth with great taste and craftsmanship. This type of bottles, unlike crystal wine decanters, are used when serving lighter red wines suitable for dining. Clearly, also in light of what is described in the previous paragraph, this type of wine bottles are not suitable for the most important reserves. Each type of bottle has its own wine. You cannot make mistakes by reversing these specific bon ton guidelines.

Crystal serving plates

If you really want to make yourself unique and wonderfully appreciated by your guests, we give you the opportunity to do so with wonderful crystal serving plates to make your every dish spectacular. Beauty is an ally of goodness and presenting well what you have prepared with so much effort in your kitchen will be a double satisfaction for you. The crystal plates cut and worked with art by the Bandinelli mill will be irreplaceable allies for you every time you have guests in your home. We explain to you why you will no longer be able to do without it. It's very simple: Imagine bringing light appetizers to offer your guests a welcome drink. This is the first welcome offered to guests and it is important that it is accurate and original. Each of our crystal plates has grindings with shapes and sizes that arise from the creativity of expert hands. Ok. Imagine that stars have been engraved on the crystal plate in a sort of pinwheel that resemble the sun's rays. Already this inspires the air you breathe in the garden or by the pool on a beautiful midsummer evening. Mini pizzas, puff pastries, assorted scones you will position them above each star. So when you bring the dish to serve your guests, these appetizers will find themselves in front of an unusual but really pleasant presentation. The surprise for them will be once they pick up one or more of these snacks with their forks and see the star shine in their eyes. A scenographical effect of great impact. You will capture their emotional side which will fill them with joy and pure beauty at the same time. The transparency of the crystal will complete the magic and absolutely enhance your welcome.

Crystal cruet with tray

Olive oil is an irreplaceable food in the Mediterranean diet and especially in the Italian one. Oil, vinegar, salt and pepper can never be missing on the table. This is the reason why we propose the crystal cruets with tray in our collection of crystal table accessories. The models are mainly distinguished by their shape, manufacture and decorations with grindings. Much depends on how the table will be set up.
Are you a lover of vintage style? In this case, the crystal cruets equipped with a tray must have a spout with a side handle for gripping. This shape is the classic that fits well in a classic table certainly of great style and elegance. The dimensions may vary but as a rule this type is widely used. The decoration of the table passes through the hinges of bon ton that one cannot fail to pay attention to.
If, on the other hand, you prefer a modern style and your mood is marked by the design style, we recommend that you view the crystal cruets with tray where the simplicity of the grinding lines are combined with the extreme purity of the neutral transparent color. the shapes not necessarily linear but harmonic and moderately deformed with style and elegance can be used in contexts where modern art and taste at the table meet. The beauty of modern objects in your home will be perfectly contextualized with these crystal table accessories.

Lunch: special occasions at the table

Lunch is very important to each of us. Enriching the table with a crystal set gives elegance, granting the sight a show of brightness and brilliance that only handcrafted products like ours can give you. Each crystal accessory for the table requires a well-studied mise en place that respects the canons of etiquette. Sparkling grindings on water glasses, red wine glasses, white wine glasses, sparkling wine flutes , champagne glasses, wine bottles, jugs, water jugs, crystal place cards, windbreak for candles, hors d'oeuvres, salt oil sets vinegar are just some of our accessories for setting your mise en place in the best possible way. Your guests will be struck by so much beauty and refinement. elegance. You will be appreciated, pampered and thanked. In the end you can be happy and really satisfied.