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Timeless elegance, innovative design with extraordinary quality. The crystal factory artisanal Bandinelli for its excellence is one of the most renowned in Italy. The charm, the purity that crystal transmits derives from the wonderful quality of the materials used. Their luminescence, which very often allows you to observe the wonderful colors of the iris, is the result of a work full of creativity, flair as well as a manic attention to detail. As with diamonds, the study and implementation of the cut is the first step necessary to obtain wonderful crystal creations .

Art and craftsmanship of an artisanal glassware

The real added value: A great mastery of the use of special tools for the production of grinding and engraving has been for two generations, the great motivation of the Bandinelli family. Crystal is a noble material, very tactile that with great skill can be molded to create wonderful light effects, absolutely enhancing furnishing accessories that you will no longer be able to give up.
Environments where excellence and taste are at the center of our attention with an exclusive design. Ours has always been a constant search for innovative solutions combined with traditional craftsmanship. The great experience gained for over half a century in the production of "traditional" grinding has made us grow a lot.
Having acquired a wealth of experience in many sectors of use, today we are oriented in the search for very modern design processes. Essential lines and shapes as required by the canon.
Very often we process it precisely to create the surprise of those who observe our products. The processes are always oriented to the search for a unique design furniture of its kind. Surely the synergy that the luminescence of a hand-ground crystal can give rise to and the combination with other noble materials has always been our trademark.
The real trump card for finding innovative solutions both for your home and for the environment that surrounds you.
The Moleria Bandinelli can become your point of reference if you wish. in case you are thinking of crystal as an indispensable material to make your every project magical.

Focus on luxury and prestigious environments.

The legacy handed down by two generations of crystal professionals gives us the strength and will to continue our production at the highest quality levels. The wealth of experience acquired is a real treasure trove of ideas and knowledge of inestimable value. For this reason, our peculiarity has always been the highest quality in compliance with the techniques of ancient processes. Many of our clients are private individuals who come to us knowing us for the professionalism and confidentiality of the projects they submit to us. In fact, very often in luxury and great prestige environments the real added value is the exclusivity and uniqueness of the environments. We are really proud to have contributed with our support to build accessories and artifacts that have been integrated by excellent designers and architects from all over the world.
How collaborations are born?
Very often the first approach is simply a email message or a phone call. From there, trying to understand well the request of our interlocutor, we work with passion and scruple to follow the guidelines indicated. Step by step the study phase of the project begins. Clearly each project has its own characteristics and consequently having to adapt it to the dynamics related to crystal processing, our experience in the field allows us to give the right advice to our interlocutor. If you need the help of crystal molds, you will have complete support. An in-depth analysis to find the suitable solutions studied completely on the computer thanks to cad cam software with rendering modeling of your project.
This allows us to absolutely analyze the feasibility of the project on crystal or glass according to your needs. From this point on, phase two starts, i.e. the first tests of hot melting of the crystal, response of the molds and verification of shrinkage. With the formed crystal piece, we move on to the next step, namely that of grinding and engraving. This is our real strength. If you are an architect or a designer you will find with us an irreplaceable partner you can count on. We will study together the decorations, engravings, areas of polishing, satin finishing with sandblasting on crystal and glass with the possibility of coloring thanks to the help of our support. Environments of great prestige such as extra luxury villas by the sea, countryside and mountains are now enriched with our artifacts. All over the world. We have developed projects for wineries by finding customized and highly exclusive solutions for our customers.
Extra luxury yachts have been furnished with our crystal for lighting projects, interior and even outdoor furniture. Clearly, in the projects for extra-luxury super yachts we have also contributed with our production capacity to the table accessories, glasses and crystal goblets sector.

Moleria crystal and antique antique glass

Respect for ancient processing techniques means above all knowing how to enhance antique artifacts to bring them back to their magical splendor. Our moleria is a highly specialized laboratory for the reconstruction of artifacts and repairs. Recognitions of private clients and antiques professionals are a note of pride for us since from all over the world they are looking for us precisely for our professionalism. The reviews of our customers are increasingly important to us and a great incentive to improve ourselves further. Giving back shape, brilliance and the possibility of being able to reuse a crystal artefact that you now thought was inexorably compromised is for us a great source of pride in every repair we make. Our customer service will be happy to listen to your requests in case you need repair your crystal objects .

Customization of sandblasting and laser engraving on crystal and glass

You will find a complete service for your every need of customization on crystal and glass . We specialize in the creation of company logos with the graphic studio service to enhance your company or brand. We also offer this for private users. To enhance your gift we can in fact write texts on crystal or glass with suitable fonts and characters for every need. Multiple occasions such as birthdays, weddings, sports awards, events can be indelibly remembered with our solutions performed with laser processing, sandblasting and painting.
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There are many contexts in which crystal can be used not only as table accessories, glasses and goblets.
Have you ever thought for example that crystal can be used for your bathroom furniture or as a wonderful conductor of light as a furnishing accessory such as chandeliers and applique for lighting?