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Prosecco crystal glasses: which one to choose?

The right glass for prosecco is never so simple to choose. The choice of crystal prosecco glasses very often it derives from the type of bubbles that you will offer your guests. Depending on the type, each prosecco needs the most suitable form in order to release all its very delicate fruity aromas and fragrances.
The collection of prosecco glasses in crystal signed Bandinelli are very distinguished and are easily recognizable thanks to precious grindings and engravings made completely by hand. Real jewels near your mouth and nose. They will give you a chance to make one sensory tasting with refinement and elegance

Sensory tasting of Prosecco

Sensory because the delicious grindings of our collection offer you the possibility of having truly special crystal prosecco glasses in your hands. Unique in the world and certainly not anonymous. Our Prosecco crystal glasses have made their way with many customers located all over the world. The reason for this success is precisely the fact that our processes are a real added value. Often going outside the standard is a way to stand out. Our strength is precisely this.
The conventional canons say that the tasting glasses, whatever the content such as red wine, white wine, sparkling wine, champagne or prosecco it must be transparent and colorless just to allow you to see the color of your favorite.
Our processes do not mask prosecco or champagne in any way as the opaque or glossy color of the processes is only located in some areas. Consequently, transparent areas remain where the prosecco color you can see it very well.

Crystal prosecco glasses for Valdobbiadene, Veneto prosecco and Friuli prosecco

What's yours favorite prosecco? As you well know, each prosecco producer has its particularities and differences from the others. All the wineries are part of a well-defined protected DOCG area. Based on the origin of your favorite prosecco, even the crystal prosecco glasses signed by Bandinelli clearly respect the characteristics of each wine and as a result we will suggest at any time the right shape appropriate to your selection of favorite bubbles. Do you want to give one bottle of sparkling prosecco but would you like to personalize glasses with the initials or the name of the person who will receive them? Don't worry, we can help you again with our service customization of glasses and prosecco glasses. Write or contact us from here

Personalized crystal prosecco glasses

In the previous paragraph we told you about our crystal prosecco glasses which feature work on the belly of the glass. Very often they remember the reason of the grape and the vine. That is the fruit or the place where your Prosecco comes from. Our mission is precisely to combine your passion for prosecco with the refined and beautiful sense contained in a glass. Yes, if you want you can call it philosophy. Ours is just that. As great prosecco enthusiasts, we asked ourselves to be able to offer something different but above all original to our customers. Our collections are the answers to those who think prosecco tasting is limited to a hit and run taste. This is not the case for us. We must take care of the beautiful moments that life reserves for us in the company of relatives and friends. Better if in front of an excellent prosecco from Veneto or prosecco del Friuli or the wonderful ones prosecco Franciacorta.

Aperitif, glass of prosecco and friends in company

What better to ask than a glass of prosecco in the company of friends to spend a pleasant evening together?
The bubbles are released with great energy and effervescence, the palate savors the taste and the eyes focus on spectacular craftsmanship that will give greater beauty and glamor to your evening. The happiness of spending peaceful hours together in the company of friends. The right ones, who with pleasure meet and share laughter and fun. If you want to surprise the girl you've been chasing for a long time, try to win her over with the collection of Bandinelli crystal prosecco glasses. The details in life are the essence that can change it for you. Do you want to personalize your glass with your initials? Or would you like to write her a poem on the chalice? Try to contact us to better understand the potential of our service. You will stand out and be highly appreciated.