Crystalware colle di val d'elsa. Bandinelli engraving, grinding

This is the unmistakable logo of authenticity and origin of our production. You will be able to recognize each of our artifacts with this mark. Historical crystalware colle di val d'elsa. Bandinelli engraving, grinding

Our company

Knowledge of crystal and tradition

The philosophy of the Bandinelli family has always been aimed at continuous evolution, based on the strength of the knowledge of crystal and tradition gained from the experiences handed down for generations. Thus, at the base of our choices there is always and only the desire to improve and continue to produce crystal with a well-defined distinctive sign to enhance our company . The meticulous attention to detail and research. We want to offer crystal objects that are representative of our style, the one handed down from father to son. People who lived in the mill and who have always wanted to identify the products of their work with a particular character. Our creations will always be easily identifiable by the consumer, thanks to the high quality standards in the selection of materials which with their brightness and purity will give real added value to any environment where they will be exhibited. For these reasons we will always guarantee you:

Guarantee of authenticity

Artifacts of inestimable value

La Grotta del Cristallo and Bandinelli are synonymous with artefacts of inestimable value worked and ground exclusively by hand in our historic laboratory in Colle di Val d ’Elsa. Guarantee and authenticity . The mix of experience and synergies handed down from Giuliano Bandinelli to his son Luciano are the pure expression of craftsmanship. The attention to detail distinguishes us by giving the crystal purity and beauty. To complete an artifact, the same operations can be repeated hundreds of times before reaching the final goal with absolute beauty.


Full respect for the environment that surrounds us

The Bandinelli family is very attentive to sustainability in full respect of the environment that surrounds us. For this reason we have always worked with raw materials of the highest quality to obtain results of extreme brilliance and purity of our products in an eco-sustainable way. Nothing is left to chance. Full respect for the environment around us is a duty that we have always felt very important. All of our attentions are necessary to maintain a high quality standard that has allowed us and allows us to be so appreciated by all our customers around the world.

Crystal quality

Transparent as water

24% lead crystal “transparent as water” coordinated with grinding and decoration also with pure gold or platinum foils are synonymous with the highest crystal quality . The simplicity of a gesture, using specific wheels and equipment by expert craftsmen, creates incredible results thanks to the purity of the crystal. Starting from simple engraved and ground lines, it is possible to create very complex processes that create a wonderful harmony of very bright chromatic effects, making each product a work of art. We advise you never to exceed 50 ° C for beverages contained in our products.

Made in Italy

The Made in Italy is a source of pride for us. Our production has always been carried out exclusively in Italy in our laboratory. We want to thank you for evaluating our artifacts and enhancing our authenticity