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Crystal wine tasting glasses

The wonder of engravings. Great wines need glasses tasting wine crystal just to favor oxygenation, contain the aroma and make them open one to release their scent. When you bring your nose to the end of the crystal tasting glass, the olfactory tupo will be delighted by an intense explosion of fragrances that will allow you to imagine the actual taste that you will soon taste. Handmade by Luciano Bandinelli . Originality, beauty and charm of the true Made in Italy
A lot of attention must be respected until every detail, with attention to the smallest details, can give one more reason to convey serenity and pleasure in being at the table in the pleasant company of friends and relatives that we may not have met for a long time. The magic of brilliance, transparency and the care of the mise en place will help us to spend an unforgettable day.

Wine tasting crystal wine tasting glasses for your favorite dishes

In a dinner based on first courses with meat sauce, Florentine steak, often cooked over medium cooking, the ideal temperature is about 15 degrees. The difference between drinking a wine and tasting it thoroughly is an indispensable sensation. Doing it in our crystal wine tasting glasses engraved with such delicate grindings, sought after both for design and manufacture, will add a real added value to your evening.Your guests will remain enthusiastic about what you have offered them. Savoring dishes of excellent taste becomes essential especially if the surrounding context creates the right atmosphere.

Wine tasting: Unmissable moments in complete relaxation

Now pull the plug for a moment. Grab your crystal red wine tasting glass with the motif of the vine and grapes, an excellent wine from the Chianti hills, breathtaking views of the Tuscan hills with the sun warming you in good company. But how many times can such an evening ever happen to you again? You can travel around the rest of the world but you will always find the usual transparent glass, with the same size, a shape that in the end will never give you an emotion like the ones described above. After that you won't be able to give it up. Discover an unmissable collection of tasting glasses = "" crystal wine

Have you ever imagined seeing grapes on wine in crystal wine tasting glasses?

Yes, you got it right. The bunch of grapes that is reflected in the ruby red of the wine. Together with all the other decorations shown on the chalice. A true exclusive that you will find only in our crystal wine tasting glasses from our collections. "Amazement and admiration" by observing the crystal tasting glasses will be released inside you. All this is possible only thanks to the skilful processing techniques that we observe for our products. We are specialists in customization with refined and dedicated refinement to stimulate the senses of those who taste wine. We have been doing it with pride for two generations now. Luciano Bandinelli is the operative hand and the creative mind of the artifacts of our collection. If you look carefully you will understand the difference compared to the rest of the market which always offers tasting glasses for wine with medium - low level shapes and quality. Too often unfortunately imported and glass passed off as crystal very often regardless of basic safety regulations. All this will be possible in our crystal wine tasting glasses.

Crystal wine tasting glasses studied in detail

We are crystal professionals and for us elegance and functionality are essential aspects. We can't do without it in our creations. For this reason, we always want to amaze our customers with very fine workmanship and craftsmanship passion. It is true that the international standards of sommeliers always indicate a perfectly transparent glass. But like all things: sometimes you have to know how to choose and try new things that come out of the conventional canons. Many of our customers have done it and are very satisfied. Underlying this are the most obvious reasons: Beauty and functionality. An unparalleled heritage if you want to stand out. Discover the collection of crystal wine tasting glasses

Crystal tasting glasses for cellars, wine bars, lounge bars

There are evenings when going out with friends for a wine tasting is now a must for many people. We wish you to enter the cellars, wine bars and lounge bars that have happily chosen to use our crystal wine tasting glasses. It will be an opportunity to test them and understand the real added value that, in addition to functionality, brings so much beauty to the table. Being at the table is a moment of great conviviality. Do it with friends and relatives discovering that the evening can take on a completely different imprint thanks to crystal wine tasting glasses will amaze you. We guarantee that like any nice surprise, this one can actually happen. An advertisement from many years ago said: "Seeing is believing". We encourage you to do so. You will be amazed by so much beauty.

The goblets crystal wine tasting are the mirror of our sensitivity

The people with whom we wish to spend happy moments together at the table deserve to be served with pure crystal glasses where quality is the fundamental prerogative to stand out. Making sure that that crystal goblet is elegant and precious also depends a lot on us. For the bon ton of how to set your table you can follow these tips. Our suggestions will be essential to identify the right combination of crystal wine tasting glasses to enrich your table in the most important moments with your guests thanks to the brilliance and luminosity of the crystal.
For a hospitable table it is essential to make the right choice of glasses based on the wines that lunch or dinner offers. Each chalice has its own function. The right size and size is necessary to make the most of the wines that very often, thanks to their structure, need different times to oxygenate. Our glasses are studied in detail to make the most of each wine thanks to geometries and shapes suitable for every need.