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Modern or vintage crystal vases

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Red crystal vase

Discover the luxury vibe of La Grotta del Cristallo Red Crystal Vase, hand-blown and etched by Italian masters. Pure elegance!

Price €262.30
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Amber crystal vase

Discover the Amber Crystal Vase, a handmade masterpiece by Cristalleria La Grotta del Cristallo. Pure luxury and art for your spot.

Price €352.46
  • New

Crystal Vase luxury

Check out this lux crystal vase by La Grotta del Cristallo: an Italian masterpiece, mouth-blown and hand-engraved for that unique chic vibe.

Price €319.67
  • New

Crystal vase

Check out this hand-blown crystal vase from La Grotta del Cristallo. A design masterpiece that adds swank and sophistication to any spot.

Price €459.02
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Handmade crystal vases. Modern or vintage style.

Handmade crystal vases are objects of fine craftsmanship that require skill and mastery in crystal processing. These vases are created through an artisanal process that involves several stages, including the preparation of cast iron molds, crystal casting, modeling, blowing, grinding, engraving and decoration. The last manufacturing process is polishing.

Types of crystal vases

Of course, there are many different types of crystal vases that can be used to decorate the home. Here are some options:

Flower Pots: These vases are specially designed to hold fresh flowers. They can have different shapes and sizes, from the more traditional ones to the modern and artistic ones.

Tabletop vases: These vases are often used as centerpieces and can hold flowers, candles or other decorative elements.

Wall vases: These vases are hung on the walls and can hold small plants or dried flowers, adding a touch of vertical greenery to your decoration.

Bell Vases: These are vases with a bell or cloche structure, often used to protect and display delicate or special items, such as small plants or art objects.

Bottle-shaped vases: These vases have a shape similar to that of a bottle and can be used both with and without flowers.

Hanging Planters: These planters are hung from the ceiling or a structure and can hold hanging plants or dried flowers, creating a unique, airy look.

Window pots: These can be placed on windowsills to house small plants or flowers that receive direct sunlight.

Floor vases: These are large vases designed to be placed directly on the floor. They can be filled with lush green plants or dry branches.

Candle Vases: Some crystal vases are designed to hold candles, creating a particularly beautiful light and refraction effect.

Cake or fruit vases: These vases can be used to elegantly present sweets, fresh fruit or other decorative foods.

Collectible vases: There are crystal vases made by renowned designers or in limited editions that can be collected as pieces of art.

Perfume vases: Some crystal vases are designed to hold perfumed oils or solid perfumes, gently diffusing a pleasant aroma into the environment.

Empty Decorative Vases: Empty vases can also be used as decorative pieces, taking advantage of the inherent beauty of crystal.

Remember that the choice of the type of vase depends on the decorative style of your home and the use you wish to make of it. Choose vases that fit the environment and add a touch of elegance and beauty to your decoration.

Here is an overview of the process of creating handcrafted crystal vases .

Crystal vase manufacturing processes

Crystal melting: The process begins with the melting of glass. The crystal is heated to very high temperatures until it becomes a liquid material.

Blowing: A skilled craftsman, known as a crystal blower, takes a suitable quantity of molten crystal at the end of a hollow tube called a "cane". The craftsman blows into the other end of the tube, shaping the molten crystal. This step is crucial for determining the overall shape of the vase.

Shaping: Once the vase has taken on a basic shape, the craftsman uses a series of tools to further shape and refine the shape of the vase. This process requires skill and precision, as even small changes can have a big impact on the final appearance of the vase. In this phase, structured cast iron molds are used to give the final shape to the vases.

Cooling and tempering: Once processing is completed, the vase must be gradually cooled to avoid breakages due to temperature changes. This process is called quenching. The jar is placed in a temperature-controlled oven and allowed to cool slowly over several days or weeks.

Decoration: after obtaining the desired shape, the vase can be decorated. Decoration can include engravings, inlays, application of colors or even the addition of glass elements of different shades or materials. This is when the craftsman can add intricate, custom details to the vase. Cristalleria Moleria la Grotta delcrista specializes in just this. Grinding, cutting, engraving, decoration and polishing of crystal vases completely handmade in our laboratory.

Polishing and final finishing: After cooling, the vase is polished to remove any surface imperfections and obtain a smooth, shiny surface. Any final refinements are made at this stage.

True Made in Italy

Our production is completely made in our laboratory by Luciano Bandinelli . The logo imprinted on the bottom of each crystal vase bearing the " Bandinelli " signature certifies its authenticity.

The final result is a handcrafted crystal vase, characterized by its uniqueness, beauty and artisanal details. These vases are often considered works of art and can be used as decorative objects or as centerpieces in more formal settings. Given the complexity and time required to produce a handcrafted crystal vase, such pieces are usually expensive and highly prized by craftsmanship and design enthusiasts.

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