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Crystal home accessories 

Furnishing your home is a pleasure for many people. The crystal home accessories are essential elements to be able to decorate your environment with elegance and refinement. Our products offer a wide range of combinations to give brightness and brilliance to every corner of your home. There are many and many combinations until your sensibility and your taste in furnishing can find suitable crystal accessories for every occasion. Each of us has their own style and consequently a very specific idea of ​​furniture. In fact, it often happens to see completely white modern-style houses with curtains, furniture, accessories in neutral colors always tending to white. Clearly then the latter are contrasted with intense colors such as the deepest blacks.

This is the type of style house aimed at design and certainly very suitable when there are large spaces with sunlight that completely illuminates every area of ​​your apartment. The light conducting crystal is for us a central element that we need to offer you our best ideas to make you truly special in the eyes of your welcome guests.

Objects and home accessories in crystal with bright and shiny spaces

The characteristic of the transparency of the crystal allows to have with a minimum ray of sunshine a brilliance and brightness unmatched by other materials. Imagine what could happen if maybe you have glass doors with large surfaces. The light is amplified by this noble material thanks to its refractive index which with our products we have set at 1.56. Objects crystal home accessories therefore have the function of light conductors. Enriching your apartment, in the living room area, in the bedroom, in your private study, with flower vases, candlesticks, crystal plates, designer lamps, is certainly an opportunity that crystal allows you thanks to these wonderful ones. features. The reason for our continuous search for new shapes, modern design and uniqueness of its kind is precisely to be able to provide you with accessories for the crystal home that can enrich beauty with simplicity and naturalness. Easily integrated into any environment with the purity of crystal.

Traditional classic furniture with vintage style and crystal objects

Each of us has our own style. Without a doubt it is written for every person. This is to reiterate the concept that every room, apartment, house by the sea, house in the mountains, villa by the sea with a view will be furnished according to the taste of the owner. If you are one of the people who prefer a vintage retro style typical of classic furniture and you are linked to intense colors such as the brown typical of antique furniture, you have a style linked to tradition. The culture of crystal home accessories starts right here. The modern design of crystal accessories for the home is inspired by and has certainly taken its cue from certain firm points of the vintage style. It is useless to deny it. The art of home decoration starts with heavily worked crystals where the grinding and engravings have made houses and historic residences real must-haves for some centuries for beauty and uniqueness. The hand-worked crystal is a milestone of the furniture of the late 19th century that has continued to the present day. It is no coincidence that many historic houses are inestimable heritage and UNESCO heritage. Imagine what certain places would be if they were completely stripped of beautiful crystal chandeliers, candlesticks, flower pots, fruit stands, picture frames and much more. Our products of the various categories mentioned above have precisely these characteristics. In fact, we offer you a real dive into the past where the excellence of craftsmanship has always distinguished crystal artefacts of inestimable value. wonderful burl chests, solid walnut furniture, long dining tables in wonderful living rooms, together with crystal home accessories have marked the history of the taste for beauty. You can expect all this from our laboratory because our tradition of crystal grinders and engravers has been deeply rooted for two generations now. Whether you are looking for a crystal bobeche for chandeliers, drops, precious crystal boxes, serving dishes, candlesticks with three, six, eight arms or you are looking for a craftsman who can repair your objects, know that this is ours experience we want to share it with you. Whether for the crystal home accessories of our production or your property in the case of repairs < / a>.

Crystal accessories for professional studios and in your private home studio

In your study you can't miss a crystal pen and inkwell to give a touch of elegance and refinement to your desk. For important documents to sign, it is very auspicious to sign them with the right pen. You could try to see the solutions we have studied for you in our collection of crystal ink and pen holders. The guarantee of crystal objects with an exclusive design conceived in the Bandinelli laboratory. Not only. In a professional studio, just to amaze your customers, it is good practice to make use of objects and objects of great value, value and with a particular design that must be moderately eccentric on certain occasions. From the very first moment when a person enters your office, they will immediately have a clear idea of ​​who they are in front of. Together with your professional competence, it will also be greatly appreciated for how you introduce yourself, you interact with your interlocutor. A beautiful crystal table lamp, for example, is certainly a great business card. A desk, tidy, clean, well organized and enriched with precious crystal artifacts will talk about you even without opening your mouth. Always remember this is the aspect not to be underestimated. Never. In this case the beauty of the transparency of the crystal in addition to the precious decoration workings of each sculpture that you will exhibit will give you an excellent image in the eyes of those who perhaps speak to you only for the first time. Nobody likes to be greeted with a messy desk. With the crystal home accessories of the Bandinelli collection you will find excellent solutions to make your office truly admired and envied. This also and above all applies to private practice in your home. Many professional firms of accountants, lawyers and notaries make use of our products to enrich their precious desks with taste and wonderful beauty. Crystal home accessories are indispensable. and as you have understood well from our suggestions also and above all in prestigious and important studies.

Crystal accessories for home and villa by the sea

If you are lucky enough to own a house or even better a villa by the sea, you can't do without the wonderful crystal accessories. You cannot deprive yourself of it. These in fact allow you to have an extraordinary possibility of combinations to furnish your home or villa with taste. It is clear that if you have your property by the sea or even better on a wonderful private cliff, sunlight will be your perfect ally. The transparency of the material that distinguishes the crystal will be the real winning weapon for your furniture that your guests will like with admiration. Amaze and be amazed with crystal sculptures is a great way to make your home unique, captivating and certainly unparalleled. If your friends are architects or interior designers, they will have no chance to make notes if you integrate precious crystal objects in both neutral and colored colors. In addition to the inimitable charm of the neutral color of the crystal, cobalt blue, aquamarine, coral pink, black and purple are excellent combinations to give a touch of pure beauty with the most extreme simplicity. Always remember that the sea is color and life is much more pleasant if you look at it in color. Those of our crystal are made of oxide directly in fusion. They are eternal crystals that will keep the same color throughout their life. Without ever changing. As we sincerely wish you, that is to always remain yourself when you make the right choice of accessories for the crystal home by the sea or wherever you prefer.

How can we help you?

Every corner, every piece of furniture, every showcase is important to enhance your home. Not only. Many times the fantasy that is in each one of us releases unique and exclusively personal thoughts and points of observation that make our home unique and pleasing to the sight of anyone who visits it. There are many ways to do this. Follow our tips to make your ideas turn into a wonderful reality. You will find home furnishings and crystal accessories of all kinds. And if you have your own idea of ​​furnishing your habitat in your own, personal and refined way, we will be really happy to realize what will be proposed to us. Send us a drawing, a project and with great happiness we will be able to realize your idea together with the wonderful material that is crystal with customizations of all kinds, sizes and colors.