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Crystal Prosecco Glass Fern

Dive into the exclusivity of La Grotta del Cristallo hand-blown and engraved Crystal Prosecco Glass, a symbol of Italian quality.

Price €53.28
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Crystal liqueur bottle Atom

Elevate your drink game with crystal bottles. Pure class for your spirits, unbeatable craftsmanship.

Price €106.56
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Crystal Liquor Goblet Felce

Scopri il calice in cristallo Felce di Cristalleria La Grotta del Cristallo, l'opera d'arte soffiata e incisa a mano per una degustazione unica di passito. Un tocco di lusso per ogni occasione.

Price €39.34
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Red crystal vase

Discover the luxury vibe of La Grotta del Cristallo Red Crystal Vase, hand-blown and etched by Italian masters. Pure elegance!

Price €262.30
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Crystal White Wine Glass Sangiovese

Elevate your wine game with La Grotta del Cristallo’s hand-engraved crystal glasses. Perfect for sipping white wine with style and sophistication.

Price €31.15
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Crystal whiskey glass Manhattan

Whiskey glass Manhattan in crystal

An elegant and refined design for the whiskey glass Manhattan in crystal. Essential, modern lines with a unique design of its kind. There are many different shapes of whiskey glass. We offer you this beautiful model that is the result of the artisan creativity of Bandinelli crystalware - glassware. Innovation and design applied to crystal to accompany your well-deserved moments of relaxation with your favorite scotch whiskey

Ergonomic square shape for your whiskey glass

A beautiful, calibrated and balanced handle with a square shape and great consistency due to the nobility of the material. A pure crystal where transparency enhances the purity and color of the whiskey in an impeccable way.

Price €44.26
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Crystal bracelet Lovely

Crystal bracelet with neutral color crystal insert wrapped in rhodium-plated metal wire. The silver color of the semi-rigid thread matches any type of clothing. From extreme elegance to informal casual style. Formidable practicality of use thanks to the possibility of shaping the metal wire around the wrist. Its malleability allows you to position the bracelet in any position you want. To wear it, just open the metal ring first and then close it by pressing on it. Being totally handmade, the folding of the bracelet may differ a little from that shown in the photograph. This is the beauty of handmade crystal bracelet. Each piece has its own identity and differs from the other bracelets in our collection.

Price €36.89

Crystal whiskey glass Giulio

Giulio crystal whiskey glass. Cylindrical in shape with a heavy base, grinds with deep and fine lines towards the edge

We offer you this crystal whiskey glass with a cylindrical shape finely handcrafted at the Bandinelli crystal shop. With a classic style of shape we have tried to give a modern motif and character to the look of this whiskey glass by grinding with high depth near the base. As the lines move towards the edge they get thinner and thinner. As per our standard we have avoided going all the way to the edge with the fine lines to avoid having the roughness of the lines on your lips. This will allow you to drink your favorite whiskey while savoring all the goodness.

Price €52.46

Crystal necklace Starfive

If in doubt try this elegant crystal necklace with five-pointed star to enhance your décolleté Handmade crystal necklace.

The star features five points that bring beauty and shine to your face. You can wear it in any context. Given the elegance of this crystal necklace, we remind you that it is particularly suitable for special occasions such as weddings and important ceremonies. Ideal for gala evenings with pronounced necklines. If you are a lover of décolleté with a marked opening, this precious crystal necklace will make you feel truly admired. Given the versatility you can also wear it with casual and informal clothes. The pure transparency of the crystal allows you all this versatility. Measure (38 x 38 x 13 mm)

Price €29.51
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Crystal water pitcher Stripestar

Set of 1 Pieces.
in crystal handmade. The motif features a band of dots that envelops the entire carafe for its height. The pentagon-shaped stars further enrich, embellishing the artifact in its uniqueness. Particularly suitable for serving water or serving fresh drinks and sangria.

Price €49.18
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Elegance Crystal Centerpiece

Peep the Elegance, a crystal centerpiece that's all 'bout masterful ribbed grinding shinin' bright with that 24% crystal glow. Perfect for any vibe, from old-school cool to sleek modern looks, it's the masterpiece your spot's been missing.

Price €778.69
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